Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunny day in Stiavnica

Yesterday I sat on the bench in Banska Stiavnica. Stiavnica is a small historic town in the heart of Slovakia with rich mining history ( Sun was warming nicely, so I raked in a bag in the hope that i find my sunglasses. Instead, my fingers drowned in something soft. Piece of dark chocolate from cafe.While I sucked semi-melted chocolate, i felt more sun on my black jeans. I was thinking about what I'll do tonight. Small groups of tourists were passing me, organized and unorganized, photographed picturesque scenes of the historical town. Images that have long become commonplace for downtowners. Groups to pass very slowly and it seemed that heat caused their lethargy look. Sometimes, there were nice naive questions which disturbed the decent graveness of audience. When viewing the display cases with mining themes, children's issues appeared quite often. One child summarized the interpretation into the sentence. I had to write it.. "Grandma, you know what? The silver is half of gold!" Right! Silver is only half the reward. Winning the gold.
So never do things by halves.
How much is gold better than silver? Well, exactly half!

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