Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here I am

Ok, Here I am! I'm extremely ordinary girl from little country with big heart called Slovakia. I'm an architect, but i'm intersted in fashion too. Okay, I'm fashion lover as well as I love chocolate. 
My occupational area is architecture, but my dream was always to deal with fashion and everything associated with it. I like making new outfits, and design and illustrate it. I really love photography...Photography can capture the fleeting moment in the passage.
Fashion is architecture,..you are building the ideas, the difference is in the materials. Everything is a matter of art. ..art of feelings...your feelings, emotions..
I would like to show you my point of view, my frame. I want to show you my designs and improvements how to make easily nice accessories using the small things that you can find at home. 

My texts will be in Slovak, but I'm trying to write in English. My english is not as good as I would like it to be, so sorry in advance for mistakes. 

So, let's start
Nicely start from the beginning. Nowhere to hurry. ;)

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