Monday, July 25, 2011

Italian inspirations II.

You know the feel, when you stay in the middle of space. Everything is in move, but you are standing alone. Suddenly you sense all tastes on your skin. Taste of silence..taste of the town. Light breeze pulls you by the sleeve shirts. Town pulsing, and you can hear his symphony. Fluttering wings of birds, bicycle chain, crash of cart with tomatoes, bells beating in church steeples, which want to touch the sky... angelic bells. I have a big black hat, which hides my face. I feel like old seaman, but I've always fished the frames. Do you smell the same? The smell of last summer.

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My new seagull charm in progresse.
Murano (Venezia) glass drops which I bought at old market in Padua.
Caramel retro Gianni Versace frames.
Piece of sea in bathroom.
Italian cafe?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Italian inspirations I.

Few days ago I came back from my little trip to Italy. It was really inspiring for me. Always, when I've visited this country I'm so fascinated. Everything - architecture, culture, people, design, fashion,... -  gives me a beautiful and balanced corpus. First I was spellbound in pretentious houses of God. Soon I began to feel the irresistible urge to own something "holy".
Madonna di Verona
rosary from The Basilica of St.Anthony of Padua
bracelet from Italy
blackmilk cathedral leggins 

my new "holy" charm in progress 

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

okay, go!

Tomorow I'll travel to Verona for a sightseeing tour and for opera. Silk and a good hat must be. Tomorow, sun will follow my steps into history. I will be there.