Sunday, August 22, 2010

Profile picture

You know it.
-Upload your profile picture- say social networks.
This is becoming a new phenomenon of our times. We are hiding behind our profiles in thinking that we can be anyone. Our profile pictures are creating by cameras, web cams, or pics which are sketched on paper, or in photoshop... They become our new identity. Maybe a mask.
We can see the true self portraits, fantastic portraits, crappy web pictures, fakes or imitations, pictures of our heroes.
But there is a question. It can be called an artwork? Could personify something more than just a characteristic of the person who created it? Added value.
Definitely yes. Our profile pics show our faces, or something typical for us. In addition, can show our feelings, our emotions which we created in them. Current state of mind, soul. From here we can read a lot about its owner.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

see the sea

I love everything that belongs to the sea. :)
You know,.smell of the sea air, noise, shells, food, people, surrounding landscape, coast,..and SAILOR STYLE!
When I was in a little shop in the heart of the medieval town of Omis, I saw this magical dress. Its turquoise-colured fabric looks exactly like the sea waves, which are vertically trailed over the dress. And crocheted sun on the breast. Lovely! Like dress of Little mermaid ;)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Follow me

See on my new autumn outfit design..
basis - tweed skirt, yelow jersey,
blue aplications
classical chanel clutch

and a choice of some shoes.. love sandals on platform, thick pantyhose with flower print


Sunny day in Stiavnica

Yesterday I sat on the bench in Banska Stiavnica. Stiavnica is a small historic town in the heart of Slovakia with rich mining history ( Sun was warming nicely, so I raked in a bag in the hope that i find my sunglasses. Instead, my fingers drowned in something soft. Piece of dark chocolate from cafe.While I sucked semi-melted chocolate, i felt more sun on my black jeans. I was thinking about what I'll do tonight. Small groups of tourists were passing me, organized and unorganized, photographed picturesque scenes of the historical town. Images that have long become commonplace for downtowners. Groups to pass very slowly and it seemed that heat caused their lethargy look. Sometimes, there were nice naive questions which disturbed the decent graveness of audience. When viewing the display cases with mining themes, children's issues appeared quite often. One child summarized the interpretation into the sentence. I had to write it.. "Grandma, you know what? The silver is half of gold!" Right! Silver is only half the reward. Winning the gold.
So never do things by halves.
How much is gold better than silver? Well, exactly half!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Old Man and the Sea love striped shirts.

Horizontal stripes, hemingway caps, strings, anchor motif. In recent years, a sailor style back into our wardrobes a few times. Again and again. Stripes on the street to see people of all stripes widths and sizes. Tricolor is not in this case a sign of patriotism. It celebrates the colors of the sea and the Navy. The anchor of a ship does not run longer, but hanging on the ears, or necklaces, for blouses in the form of buttons. Large loose printed shirts happily blowing in the wind. And best of all, that style worn by people at sea as well as people in inland countries. You can see it everywhere. So just go to a commercial street in the july afternoon, just close your eyes and imagine it as a striped shirt hiding a song of the sea, screaming gulls, and old fisherman in his tiny white boat. And then, I have realized how everything is coming back like a spiral. Trends too. And a shirt with stripes may be old, but active youthful and cheerful. 


"Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same colour as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated. (Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea.)

Horizontálne pásiky, hemingwayovská čiapka, motúziky a neodmysliteľný motív kotvy. Za posledné roky sa námornícky štýl vrátil do našich šatníkov niekoľkokrát. Na ulici vidieť pásikových ľudí, s pásikmi všetkých hrúbok a veľkostí. Trikolóra nie je v tomto prípade znakom patriotizmu. Je oslavou farby mora a námorníctva. Kotva už nevisí z lode, ale visí na ušiach, alebo retiazkach, na blúzkach v podobe gombíkoch. Veľké voľné tričká s potlačami spokojne povievajú s vetrom. A najlepšie na tom všetkom je, že tento štýl obliekania nenosia len ľudia v prímorských mestách a krajinách. Vidíte ju všade, aj vo vnútrozemí. A tak sa stačí prejsť po obchodnej ulici v júlové popoludnie, zavrieť oči, a predstaviť si za tým veľkým pásikovým tričkom šumiace more, škriekajúce čajky a starého rybára na svojej maličkej bielej loďke. A  všetko sa špirálovito vracia. Aj trendy. A to tričko s pásikmi je možno staré, len pôsobí mladistvo a veselo. 
"Všetko na ňom bolo staré, až na jeho oči. Tie mali farbu mora a hľadeli veselo a vzrušene." (Ernest Hemingway, Starec a more.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We love costumes!

Naše oblečenie sa stáva kostýmom v predstavení, ktoré práve hráme. 
Our clothing is becoming costumes in the show that just play.

Here I am

Ok, Here I am! I'm extremely ordinary girl from little country with big heart called Slovakia. I'm an architect, but i'm intersted in fashion too. Okay, I'm fashion lover as well as I love chocolate. 
My occupational area is architecture, but my dream was always to deal with fashion and everything associated with it. I like making new outfits, and design and illustrate it. I really love photography...Photography can capture the fleeting moment in the passage.
Fashion is architecture, are building the ideas, the difference is in the materials. Everything is a matter of art. of feelings...your feelings, emotions..
I would like to show you my point of view, my frame. I want to show you my designs and improvements how to make easily nice accessories using the small things that you can find at home. 

My texts will be in Slovak, but I'm trying to write in English. My english is not as good as I would like it to be, so sorry in advance for mistakes. 

So, let's start
Nicely start from the beginning. Nowhere to hurry. ;)