Sunday, August 22, 2010

Profile picture

You know it.
-Upload your profile picture- say social networks.
This is becoming a new phenomenon of our times. We are hiding behind our profiles in thinking that we can be anyone. Our profile pictures are creating by cameras, web cams, or pics which are sketched on paper, or in photoshop... They become our new identity. Maybe a mask.
We can see the true self portraits, fantastic portraits, crappy web pictures, fakes or imitations, pictures of our heroes.
But there is a question. It can be called an artwork? Could personify something more than just a characteristic of the person who created it? Added value.
Definitely yes. Our profile pics show our faces, or something typical for us. In addition, can show our feelings, our emotions which we created in them. Current state of mind, soul. From here we can read a lot about its owner.

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