Sunday, September 26, 2010

Silent fall

Hydrangeas in the garden.
Listen drops falling on the pavement.
You see all dolls with chestnut heads.
Walk on wet leaves.

Walk ahead.
Walk ahead...


Friday, September 24, 2010

Stolen human bodies

Stolen bodies in fashion..
Any problem in your mind?
Express it!
Try to use roentgens and parts of bodies on fabrics....


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What shall i wear

It's autumn. What should I wear for shopping in town?
The weather is still nice, but it's coolish.
The smoke of burned wood and coal is smell in the air.
Last sun rays caress your face.
Summer is over.

The gossamer.

 knitted vest 
needlecord trousers with ornamental pattern 

Friday, September 17, 2010

~into the deep~

In these rainy days there is some melancholy in all my looking out the window. This period reminded me a collection of poems - The bouquet, from one of the icons of 19th century Czech literature, Karel Jaromir Erben.  I read the book, seen the film. Again and again. It gives me something magical in this hectic time. Today I am inspired by poem The water goblin.

Her clothes are like the cobwebs. They are light and floating in the water.
All around the turquoise and cool.
Deeper and deeper.
She falls.

V týchto daždivých dňoch je melanchólia v každom mojom pohľade z okna. Toto obdobie mi pripomenulo zbierku básní Kytice od českého básnika Karla Jaromíra Erbena. Prečítala som knihu, videla film. Znovu a znovu. Má v sebe niečo magické i v tejto hektickej dobe. Dnes som inšpirovaná.

Jej šaty sú ako z pavučiny. Sú ľahké a vznášajú sa vo vode. 
Všetko naokolo je tyrkysové a chladné. 
Hlbšie a hlbšie.
Ona klesá.

Na topole nad jezerem
seděl Vodník podvečerem:
"Sviť, měsíčku, sviť,
ať mi šije niť.

Šiju, šiju si botičky
do sucha i do vodičky:
"Sviť, měsíčku, sviť,
ať mi šije niť.

Dnes je čtvrtek, zejtra pátek -
šiju, šiju si kabátek:
"Sviť, měsíčku, sviť,
ať mi šije niť.

Zelené šaty, botky rudé,
zejtra moje svatba bude:
"Sviť, měsíčku, sviť,
ať mi šije niť."

On a poplar by the pool
The Goblin sat at twilight cool:
'Glow, moon, glow,
That my thread may sew.

For myself new boots I'm sewing
, On dry land and water going:
Glow, moon, glow,
That my thread may sew.

'Thursday now—tomorrow's Friday—
sew a coat all trim and tidy:
Glow, moon, glow,
That my thread may sew.

Coat of green and boots of red
, For tomorrow I'll be wed:
Glow, moon, glow,
That my thread may sew.'


Ráno, raníčko panna vstala,
prádlo si v uzel zavázala:
"Půjdu matičko k jezeru,
šátečky sobě vyperu."

"Ach nechoď, nechoď na jezero,
zůstaň dnes doma, moje dcero!
Já měla zlý té noci sen:
nechoď, dceruško, k vodě ven.

Perly jsem tobě vybírala,
bíle jsem tebe oblíkala
v sukničku jako z vodních pěn:
nechoď, dceruško, k vodě ven.

Bílé šatičky smutek tají,
v perlách se slzy ukrývají
a pátek nešťastný je den,
nechoď, dceruško, k vodě ven."
První šáteček namočila -
tu se s ní lávka prolomila
a po mladičké dívčině
zavířilo se v hlubině.

At first light a young girl rose,
In a bundle tied her clothes:
‘I’ll go, mother, to the lake;
All my things to wash I’ll take.’
‘Don’t go, don’t go to the water,
Stay at home today, my daughter!
In the night I dreamed bad dreams:
Don’t go, daughter, where it streams.
First a string of pearls I chose you,
Then in robes of white I clothed you,
Skirts that swirled like foaming water:
Don’t go to the lake, my daughter.
Grief’s concealed in that white dress,
Pearls hide tears of deep distress,
Friday’s an unlucky day,
Don’t go, daughter – keep away!’
As the first dress she was soaking,
Under her the bridge fell broken,
And upon that poor young girl
Closed the eddying water’s whirl.

models wearing Marchesa in pool (

with <3 yy

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Symbols, tweed, velvet and floral fantasy.

“This Fall, I’m inspired by a woman who has a bohemian spirit. She’s a romantic at heart – bold and artistic, with a beauty that is timeless, enduring and always personal”  Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Collection Fall 2010

Velvet & Tweed

Tweed & stripes

Floral motives



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~urban hunter~

This morning when I went down the street, I noticed that autumn is coming. The air is cooler than a few days ago. The water in the lake is already cold. Luckily I had my big scarf. Definitely, it's time to find a lost coat in my wardrobe.
We are urban warriors - strong women as well as fragile porcelain dolls. 
We are hunters and hunting game.