Thursday, January 20, 2011


For create this post I was inspired by the special project of Polimoda - Florence’s fashion school. Polimoda has organized TOTEM, REFLECTIONS ON THE FUTURE OF FASHION. Video-photography exhibition of fashion concepts was produced by the Polimoda students in the Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing departments. You can view fashion of the future generated by the creativity of the students of fashion design. The videoprojection with totems was displayed on nylon drapes in space.

Not only architecture, but also fashion design is becoming entirely digital. We live in digital era.  The sense of this exhibition was show us, that fashion industry can be flexible, and be able to adapt to the most modern technologies.  The totem reflects the future of fashion. It belongs to a tribal clan. Totem is in this sense transformed into form of idols of our times. Totem is computer - the main means of intervention of fashion.

I thought about it. I analyzed what is a totem, why the people used it, and in what form has returned to us. I wondered how the totem translates into fashion. I found some characters appearing in the form, in sartorial cuts, in patterns and even the materials.

Symbolism was important to the Indian way of life. This was often reflected in an individual's totem, which was personal sign or sign of tribe. Totem was created from abstracted elements, usually geometric shapes symbolizing elements of nature, mostly animal. Elements were assembled to each other and pointing to heaven.

So I pulled out some essential characteristics that can be translated into fashion.
And here is the result.
Ancient ancestor
Protective Spirit

All of this we can find in fashion design today. Each dress as a unique work of art, can send a clear signal for us. Expression of our being. I am here and now. And I stand firmly on the ground.

*photo by Ruggero Lupo Mengoni


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