Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock roses

Each of us has been a rebel, at least once. When I was a little child, I commenced a protest, because I couldn't munch candies, cause my milk teeth would go bad. So I munched.  This was not disobedience. The rebellion. When I was a teenager, I wore loose skate pants instead of skirts. Just then, I fought against my mom. No. Against the entrenched notion that the girl should be sweet and nice, perfect ethereal creature. Actually, when I was a teenager, I fought against everything and everyone. The rebel. When I was in college, I wore crazy combinations of clothes. cause I wanted to shock. So what. The rebel. I wanted all the attention. That I am here! And I keep my place.

Today it's me. Still it's me. Sometimes I'm quite ordinary and retiring. But sometimes he wakes up in me. He.. The Rebel!
We desire to be different and unique. We want to fall outside the average. We want to violate the rules. We need it. We hate uniformity. We are fighting against meaninglessness. We need to feel the taste of freedom.
And that's it.

Viktor & Rolf
Vivienne Westwood
Gustav klimt

Fashion is all about expression of feelings.  There have always been designers who love to push the boundaries.  Their works are strong and sensual..Their beauty is fragile. ..like rock roses
the rebels of fashion.


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